Design for Print, Web & Interactive Media


Printmind provides with innumerable possibilities of graphic design outsourcing. We have solutions that suit for Individuals, Companies, Design& Digital Agencies, and Printing Houses in tandem. Compatibility and openness to cross sectional industries is one of the most important ideology with which Printmind works. We have a design process for all streams of business.

Designing being the core competency, we have expertise to support your design needs in Print, web and interactive media industry. May it be a share of work or the entire work; we can be of support in the form of cretive assistants or offshore design partners.

Attention to detail –
Accountability –
Transparency –
Perfect quality

attention to detail

A sculptor designs an idol probably after hitting a rock for over 100 times. But even the 100th hitting is an important part of the design, leaving no room for imperfection.

Accountability @ all levels

At Printmind, there is a unique style of work culture, where in the senior designer becomes the client for a junior designer and an Art director becomes the client for a senior designer. Thus at every level there is 100% quality delivered. In this way accountability at work brings in the highest quality for the final deliverable to the client.